If you are ready to go from a one more in the sea of competitors to the sough-after artist that your people will want to work with, you are in the right place.

Imagine to be able to charge premium prices unapologetically. Provide a memorable experience for your customers from the moment they land on your site.

Let's take your site from basic AF to hell I need to work with her. 


"loved every minute working with her."

Alexia is so much more than just a designer. She’s a true artist with a sophisticated sense of style and vision. Loved every minute working with her, her passion and energy is truly infectious. 

Grace Louis, Australia.

Artist, mama, feminist and a disruptive woman. I believe you can make a living through the things that sets your soul on fire. It's time to start doing things differently, in a way that works for you and Im here to help you making it happen.

Hi! I'm Alexia. A dreamer and a rebel.

web in a week

What it includes:

Brand Strategy

Personalized on video on how to edit your site

Creative direction

Mini branding / Logo (typography based), color palette and font selection

pay in full / 2300 euros
2 montly payments / 1200 euros

6 pages site in showit: Home, Services, About, Portfolio or Sales Page, FAQS, Contact Page

Your choice of template from our shop

Complementary IG link page.

Mobile Optimization

One week after support 

let's do this

You are a service provider/artist and design is not really your thing.

Your budget is not there yet for a fully custom site, but still want the designer touch

Your are a procrastinator and just thinking about a 12 weeks project makes you anxious.

You are ready for professional site backed up by strategy that feels like magic.

You need a website that you are proud off like yesterday.

this is for you if:

A dream brand + new website in just one week

I'm just sitting down with these details and I'm getting chills. How can I begin to thank you?!

 You listened to my desires and I feel like you really understood my brand and my vision. In the end the decision between concepts was impossible because you knocked it out of the park with each concept. Truly don't think I could have made a wrong decision though! You are so talented and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you!!

sara ascanio / wedding and lifestyle photographer

So greatful to you.

It's exactly what I envisioned. Thank you for helping me work it out, You've done a beautiful job.

Laurken Kendall / Wedding and lifestyle photographer

What past clients are saying...

will I'll be able to edit my site after we finish my site on a day project?

Absolutely babe! At the end of the week you will receive a video with detailed instructions on how to edit your site. and You will have one week after support to go through any questions you might have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my site look like a template?

F*ck no. We will transform the template to your vision. In a way we use the template as a base for layout and sections and pages you need. I will arrange things in a way that makes sense for your unique business. 

what I have to prepare for the design day?

I will provide a check list with the to-do's before the selected week, so we will have everything ready for your design week to go smoothly and totally pain free.

do I need to be available through the design week?

Yes, in order to be able to move along the design week you will need to give me quick feedback.

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You and  your business deserve a beautiful  site that finally makes you stand out. 
Ready to take the leap?

finally the site and brand you've been dreaming of.