We are not your regular design studio.

We are called to serve the offbeat, the wild, and the passionate.

We actually give a f*ck about you and your business and all the energy you put into it.

We work with entrepreneurs that want to do different, the ones that flip off to the status quo and that know that they can make and play by  their own rules.

We work with photographers, videographers, creatives, change makers, feminist, visionaries, soul searchers, entrepreneurs, rebels, mothers, astrologers, mother earth lovers, healers, poets+ everyone that need a visual universe that translates their own unique voice.

Our mission is to empower creatives to build and grow the business of their dreams —their own unique way— by infusing their voice and soul into their brand + website 

We build authentic brands that solidify your brand presence and positioning in your industry while calling in your “hell yes” clients. Our magic power is pulling out all the wild, weird, and unique things about you and weaving them into the fabric of your brand.

our mission

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Hello there, Im Alexia and I’m not your average brand and web designer. (Hell, I’m not your average person). 

I'm mom to a little Scorpio girl, astrologer, crystal collector, photographer turned designer, creative by heart—but above all else, a rebel and disruptive woman.

When it comes to design (and life), I say f*ck the status quo. You don’t have to sacrifice your voice, creativity, or personality to be a wildly successful creative entrepreneur. 

I created Lost Mermaid Studio to empower other women to rise and materialize their own dream businesses. We Unearth a visual universe for you and through branding + web design, I give you the tools you need to call in your “hell yes” clients and make all the money you want to make—all while playing by YOUR fucking own rules.

Designer, Astrologer, Wild Woman, & Lost Mermaid Studio Founder

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