we are not your regular design studio, we actually give a fūck about you and the energy you put in your artistry and business.

our ethos

We exist to empower your rebellius itchess and to nurture your creative growth. We create intuitive visual universes that unravel pieces of your soul.

LMS is lead and founded by Alexia Mabraganis. Mother, wife, astrologer, artist and wild woman. I created this creative refuge when I became a Mother, between my deep calling for art and setting an example for my daughter on how woman/artist can do what ever the f*ck they want, the studio was born. I deeply believe you can make a living through the things that sets your soul on fire. F*ck patriarchy and the old ways. It's time to start doing things differently, in a way that works for you and I’m here to help you making it happen. When it comes to design (and life in general tbh), I say ditch the status quo. You don’t have to sacrifice your voice, creativity, or personality to be a successful creative entrepreneur and artist. I created Lost Mermaid Studio to empower other women to rise and materialize their own dream vision. Through brand and web design, I give you the tools you need to have a thriving business—all while playing by YOUR own rules and following your soul call.