we are not your regular design studio, we actually give a f*ck about you and business.

our ethos

Welcome to  a new era. An era where you can make an abundant living through your work as a story teller, as an artist as a creative.
Our mission is to help you take your business beyond your wildest expectations through a memorable and a unique brand that will create a connection of great depth and soul, magnetizing your dream clients making you the most sough-after choice for them. 

LMS was founded by Alexia Mabraganis. Designer, mother, wife, artist, feminist and wild woman.

I deeply believe you can make a living through the things that light up your soul, your artistry and creativity.

You don’t have to sacrifice your voice, uniqueness, or personality to have a wildly successful business.

I created Lost Mermaid Studio to empower other artists and women to rise and materialize their own dream vision, to work heart to heart with those brave art creators.

To show my daughter that living life on your own terms is a tangible reality  and that getting lost and living in your passions is worth all the bravery and mess.

down the rabbit hole we go

about the founder

I am what I've been told never to be. The black sheep, the disruptor the doing the things my own way, the one that is here to break the toxic patters of my lineage.

The artist, the woo, the mother that is teaching her daughter to be fierce, brave and to follow her soul call whatever that means to her. 

Always close to the sea, in places where you can dip your toes in the water and let the ocean wash over your soul. 

I'm here for the new era of artist and mothers living exactly the life we want. The one with the warm croissants, fresh linens, lattes at sunrise and small toes tangled in our hands. 

in deep waters.

take the leap