Lost Mermaid Studio is a female-led creative studio with expertise focused on creating spellbinding + high end brands for soulful entrepreneurs who think and live outside the box. 

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We are called to serve the bold, the wild, and the passionate.


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—To help female entrepreneurs *infuse their voice, personality, and soul print into their business.*
—To optimize their brands with a high-end visuals and touch that will attract their dream clients.
—To help them dominate and conquer their industry with their gripping, irresistible presence.
To attract new prospects and leads while building stronger relationships with their recurring clients.
—To bring a magical difference that will bridge the gap between who they truly are and what they are called to do. 

our mission

Finally, thanks for finding your way in! I'm Alexia. If you ever meet a Mexicana wanderluster living in the south of France where the wine is good and the food is awesome, that's probably me.

I'm a mom to a little Scorpio girl, astrologer in training, crystal collector, photographer turned designer, creative by heart—but above all else, a rebel. 

LMS creation was purely inspired by the vision of helping other women to rise and materialize their own dream businesses, playing by YOUR OWN RULES. (f*ck the status quo) 

 designer / astrologer / wild woman

about the founder

Im so glad you are here.

Quick facts.

sun in taurus,
Ac sagittarius,
moon in capricorn.

i spend all my money in fonts, crystals & books.

I speak spanish, english & french.. bonjour!

did photography for 7 years while living in dubai.

looove astrology, human design, oracles & tarot.

Im a generator 1/3

I've lived in mexico, Dominican Republic, Dubai and now France and visited more than 20 countries



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